This is just an intro: The R.I.T.E Movement.

7 Jan
 The R.I.T.E. Movement is the  inspiration for

 Most of the posts will fall under one the following categories:

 Represent, Inspire, Teach & Entertain

  Represent: Represent for yourself, don’t be scared to market yourself. Display your haircuts and be proud of what you do. Every haircut you do, is representation of your skills, talent, style, and passion.   You’re only as good as your last haircut, never slack off.   Contribute. Represent your trade, and make your peers proud. Represent for your barbershop, and those who make it possible. Pay homage. Represent your city, where you’re from, and where you call home.


Inspire: Seek to be inspired,while inspiring others around you to be great.  Aspire to be great. Inspiration is a great motivating tool. Whether if it just means looking for a better way of doing things or simply seeking what else is possible; inspiration can take your game to the next level. Encourage your shop to be the best, be an example of leadership, hard work, focus and dedication.


Teach: A good barber will forever be a student of the trade. We pass on knowledge in our trade, to make others better or to reinforce our own skills. We trade tips, techniques, secrets, to those who care to learn. The game has to be passed on, so do your part. Teach.


Entertain: It is as simple as that, Entertain. Barbers are entertaining (especially the ones  who I work with everyday). The Barbershop is Entertaining.  So, Hopefully this page will be too.. 


The R.I.T.E. Movement..Stay Tuned.


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