Clipper Review: Wahl Detailer Trimmer vs Andis Superliner Trimmer

7 Apr

This is our unbiased review of both the Wahl Detailer trimmer and the Andis Superliner trimmer.  For those that know me, I make it no secret of being more partial towards Andis.  Yes, of course  that sounds contradictory to my first sentence; however, let it be known that ‘I’m not a hater’.  I give everybody and everything credit where it is due.  So having said that, understand that Wahl put together an awesome trimmer in the Wahl Detailer Trimmer.

Wahl Detailer and Andis Superliner

The Wahl Detailer, is Wahl’s attemp at making a trimmer that competes with the Andis T-Outliner and Outliner Clippers.  I was skeptical at first, but I give credit when one deserves it.  Wahl put together a trimmer in a way only they can do it.   Lightweight, Urgonomic, quiet, strong motor, sexy and functional are all words that describes this newcomer.  It’s is understood that the Andis Outliners are the Best,  but the Wahl detailers are an immediate second.  Is Kobe Bryant a bad player, because he isn’t better that Jordan? My point exactly.  

Wahl Detailer Trimmer

Back of Wahl Detailer

Wahl Detailer Blade Close-up

Wahl Detailer

Pros: Light, Quiet, Easy to set, Produces clean lines, Ergonomic, Strong Motor, Styling, Shape of the blade (small t-blade)

Cons: Fragile Housing, Durability, Several Plastic Pieces that can break down.

Once Andis got word of the Wahl Detailer’s sucess, Andis came with an answer as Andis Superliner.  The Andis Superliner is comparable to Whal Detailer in almost every category.  They have both rotary motors, both have  a smilar profiles, close in size, and very light.  

Andis SuperlinerBack of the Superliner

Superliner Blade Close-up


In terms of design, the Andis Superliner does  have a few advantages over the Wahl Detailer.  The Andis superliner has a more ergonomic design, with a rubber housing on the front, a thumb plate in the back, a switch on the side and a detachable blade. The detachable blade is a gift and curse. An easy to clean blade, which is possible, because of the detachable blade.   However, setting the detachable blade is a chore, and can be difficult for the experienced and inexperienced alike.  The blade literally has to be unassembled, just to be set. We all know, you’re lucky if you do it right the first time.

Andis Superliner

Pros:  Sturdy design, premium materials, strong motor, very erogonomic, Detachable blade

Cons:  Difficult to set, easy to cut customers

Overall, we give the Wahl Detailer a slight advantage due to cut quality, easy to set blade and customer friendly comfort.


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