Represent: Jason Macaraig AKA Jmac

16 Apr

Through blogging, I’m starting to understand Canadian barbers, really do their thing. It’s not disrespect, it’s more like paying respect. I always get excited when I see barbers really represent and make a name for themselves.  As a barber myself, it serves as an inspiration and gives me insight as to what is possible.  Jmac, among other barbers, help  us to expand our horizons and encourage us to promote ourselves in more dynamic ways. 

Jason Macaraig aka Jmac, a  Toronto native, has been cutting hair for 13 years.  Over the years Jmac has taken full advantage of his opportunites, and made a good name for himself, by displaying skills for all to see.  He has cut hair for a list of celebrities that includes, Large Professor, Nas, J Cole, Mack Maine, Trey Songz, and Lil Twist to name a few.  Now, Jmac has achieved notority that is unimaginable by most, as the official barber for Drake.  Now Jmac’s work can be seen nationally through endless ad campaigns from Sprite to Kodak and magazine covers like GQ, Fader, and many more.

Jmac has built his own brand called, “Get Faded”.  He says, “Get Faded is a train of thought, comprised of pristine etiquette, representing the distinguished gentleman.”  He has recently launched his website along with a series of teasers to promote his brand.  I get the impression that this will only be the begining for Jmac.  Please check out Jmac’s videos and his website, they are amazing. 

Don’t ever let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love to do. Happiness over Success- Jmac

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One Response to “Represent: Jason Macaraig AKA Jmac”

  1. swaggie January 13, 2012 at 3:10 am #

    jmac is torontos best barber. and seeing the young barber claudio who works next to him. i can see claudios future heading in a good direction aswell. jmac hooked claudio up with his first celeb and he cut j.cole wen he was 18. its good to see that jmac is helping him out. trying to make the best for his team

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