Barbershop Talk: The Nike Marty McFly AKA Nike Mag.

21 Sep

Nike Air Mag. The sneakers light up for 4 hrs on a single charge.
Michael J Fox with the Original Air Mags from Back to the Future II in 1989

At BB4B, we figured it’s good to talk about barbershop worthy news, in addition to all of the barber related stuff we post.  The Nike Marty McFly  aka Nike Mag, is definitely a barbershop worthy topic.   The Marty McFly’s aka Nike Mag, are the shoes that Michael J Fox wore in Back to the Future II. Since the debut of this movie, this shoe has been among the most talked about and  most desired sneaker in history. Mostly because until last week, this shoe was unavailable and just a movie prop.

The Original Nike Mags Aka Marty McFlys in action.

On September 9, 2001, Michael J. Fox announced that Nike will be auctioning 150 pairs  of Air Mags for 10 days on ebay.   100% off all proceeds will  benefit the Michael J. Fox foundation, which is dedicated to the finding the cure for Parkinson’s Disease(the disease that J Fox suffers from).  To make this better all proceeds up to 50 million will be matched.  This topic had to blogs and other news outlets going crazy and for good reason. $5,695,190.53   was won with the total being matched,  so the grand total is$11,390,380 not bad for 10 days.  For those who missed out, the rumor is that there is a second batch so be on the lookout.  Check the factoids and hit up for more info.

Source:  Nicekicks

The First Winner: British Rapper  Tinie  Tempah spent $37,500 (won at a  private auction in L.A.)

Kid Cudi Won 4 pairs

Higgest Bid: $5,744.44 for a size 10

Lowest Bid: $2,300.00 for a size 7

Total Amount Raised Each Day:

Day 1 = $911,927.34
Day 2 = $647,539.91
Day 3 = $554,120.31
Day 4 = $508,077.50
Day 5 = $511,112.10
Day 6 = $492,481.97
Day 7 = $488,076.90
Day 8 = $499,851.16
Day 9 = $511,479.82
Day 10 = $570,523.52 


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