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Hue For Everyman: The Review

31 Oct

Product and Purpose

When I speak to people about pomades, the general consensus is that brands vary based on it’s designed purpose.   In other words, if you have 4 different brands,  they are usually formulated with particular hairstyles or hair-types in mind.  Despite the segmented nature of the hair care and skin market; Hue For Everyman is serving the needs of many,  with one premium pomade.

Up until now, no pomade brand has ever designed one product to serve the needs of Africans, Asians, Latins and Middle Easterns at the same time. Hue For Everyman is changing the hair market while addressing needs of many.

Hue’s formula of all natural ingredients, is as unique as it’s purpose. While most pomades are comprised of mostly artificial ingredients, Hue’s formula consist of all natural ingredients that protects the quality of hair.  No Silicones, No Parabens, and No Petroleum.  This formula is comprised of mango, shea butter, argon oil, and primrose oil all ingredients promote optimal hydration and conditioning.

Behind the Chair Review

The first thing you notice is obviously the packaging, as a premium product it definitely looks the part. Next, what you notice is the light yet noticable fragrance, it is sure to compliment any cologne you or client  may choose. This pomade itself is not thick or stiff, which isn’t the case with many pomades. This pomade can be effortlessly scooped up and be applied in the hair with a comb. When you comb or brush it through the hair, you’ll find that it applies evenly, quickly and easily without any heavy clumps. What makes it’s even better is that it washes off of your hands effortlessly.

@trav_thebarber using Hue For Everyman on a low taper combover @krazykutsbarbershop

@trav_thebarber using Hue For Everyman on a low taper combover @krazykutsbarbershop

@gangreen_barber51 using HUE while doing a combover fade

@gangreen_barber51 using HUE while doing a combover fade

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

After taking a few weeks to sample the product along with few customers and barbers, the feed back is definitely positive. So positive, that I almost got jacked for my own sample. That says something.  This isn’t a single purpose pomade, it is a conditioner that stand up to a long day of demands and even holds well in unrelenting Florida humidity.  This product can last for days in wave-length hair cut or comb-over hairstyles. It washes out easily and doesn’t strip the hair of moisture or nutrients.  ByBarbers4Barbers strong recommends this product..

For more info checkout

(323) 801-6846

Special thanks to my Krazy Kuts Family (Dblock and Travis) for assisting me with this review.


Product Review: Anivo Blade Setter Pro Part 2

10 Apr

Like I said before in Part 1, the idea of the blade setter pro had me hype. However, the over all utility of the T-Outliner and Outliner Anivo Blade Setter pro, left us feeling a bit disappointed. Our analysis of the Andis T-Outliner & Outliner Blade Setter Pro, is based on the Research, Design, Function, and effectiveness of the product.

Anivo Blade Setter Pro Outliner & T-Outliner in the Box

When it comes to the T-Outliners and Outliners Blades, the designs varies by various types and manufactures. The Andis, Forfex, and Pro-Mate blades all vary based on shape, design and width.

Taking that into consideration, that should have been kept in mind when designing the blade setter pro.

The older Andis Blades, Forfex Blades and Pro-Mate blades have a thinner design. That effects how well you can set the blades, when using this apparatus. Actually, the current Andis blades that are manufactured, don’t fit properly. This makes setting the blades properly impossible.

Showing the difference in width between new and old Andis Blades. The old one is on top (Narrow) and the new one is on the bottom (Wider). The new Andis Blades are difficult to set in the Anivo Blade Setter , because the blade is wide and doesnt fit properly.


However, since the older Andis, Forefex and Pro-mate blades are thinner, setting the blade accurately every time is possible, when using those blades. In other words, the blade setter pro is effective, when using the blades that have the thinner designs.

More research should have been done to compensate for the variances, that are associated with each type of blade. Or, different versions of the apparatus should be designed to solve this problem.

Despite the short comings.  The Anivo blade setter pro is really effective, when used with the right blades. It makes setting the blades very easy.  If it saves you time, ultimately it will make you money too.  however. Make sure that you use either Forfex Blades,Pro-mate Blades or older Andis Blades.   Those blades are thinner and will fit in the device.  The new Andis Blades will not fit in the device, because they are wider.

The older blades (on top) and new blades on the bottom. The New blades has prongs on the side of the screws.

Overall, Anivo has made a product,  that has the potential to revolutionize the way we set blades.  When some variances are considered,  this product will be a great contributor to the barbering industry. Good Job Anivo, we will do additional reviews on the Styliner Blade Setter Pro very soon. Stay Tuned!

Clipper Review: Wahl Detailer Trimmer vs Andis Superliner Trimmer

7 Apr

This is our unbiased review of both the Wahl Detailer trimmer and the Andis Superliner trimmer.  For those that know me, I make it no secret of being more partial towards Andis.  Yes, of course  that sounds contradictory to my first sentence; however, let it be known that ‘I’m not a hater’.  I give everybody and everything credit where it is due.  So having said that, understand that Wahl put together an awesome trimmer in the Wahl Detailer Trimmer.

Wahl Detailer and Andis Superliner

The Wahl Detailer, is Wahl’s attemp at making a trimmer that competes with the Andis T-Outliner and Outliner Clippers.  I was skeptical at first, but I give credit when one deserves it.  Wahl put together a trimmer in a way only they can do it.   Lightweight, Urgonomic, quiet, strong motor, sexy and functional are all words that describes this newcomer.  It’s is understood that the Andis Outliners are the Best,  but the Wahl detailers are an immediate second.  Is Kobe Bryant a bad player, because he isn’t better that Jordan? My point exactly.  

Wahl Detailer Trimmer

Back of Wahl Detailer

Wahl Detailer Blade Close-up

Wahl Detailer

Pros: Light, Quiet, Easy to set, Produces clean lines, Ergonomic, Strong Motor, Styling, Shape of the blade (small t-blade)

Cons: Fragile Housing, Durability, Several Plastic Pieces that can break down.

Once Andis got word of the Wahl Detailer’s sucess, Andis came with an answer as Andis Superliner.  The Andis Superliner is comparable to Whal Detailer in almost every category.  They have both rotary motors, both have  a smilar profiles, close in size, and very light.  

Andis SuperlinerBack of the Superliner

Superliner Blade Close-up


In terms of design, the Andis Superliner does  have a few advantages over the Wahl Detailer.  The Andis superliner has a more ergonomic design, with a rubber housing on the front, a thumb plate in the back, a switch on the side and a detachable blade. The detachable blade is a gift and curse. An easy to clean blade, which is possible, because of the detachable blade.   However, setting the detachable blade is a chore, and can be difficult for the experienced and inexperienced alike.  The blade literally has to be unassembled, just to be set. We all know, you’re lucky if you do it right the first time.

Andis Superliner

Pros:  Sturdy design, premium materials, strong motor, very erogonomic, Detachable blade

Cons:  Difficult to set, easy to cut customers

Overall, we give the Wahl Detailer a slight advantage due to cut quality, easy to set blade and customer friendly comfort.

Product Review: Anivo Blade Setters Part 1

22 Mar

If you’re an experienced barber or a newcomer to barbering, you know how much of a daunting task setting your blades can be. Whether it’s using a mirror or using plain old eye sight, there’s no real fool-proof way to set your blades. If you are off by a thousandth of an inch, the results can be nicks, scratches, cuts and even scabs. Which often can lead to a lost customer, or an unfavorable last impression to say the least.

At my shop, I’m usually the go to guy for setting blades, for several reasons. I obsess over my clippers being too sharp. I think cutting a customer is the barber equivalent of passing on a STD. Embarrassing.

So the idea of a blade setter gets me excited. Anivo, a hair product company out of Connecticut, claims to have the solution for setting blades. I came across the youtube video, and decided to research it. It seems like a functional and easy to use tool. They are made to set Styliners, Outliners, and  T- outliner blades. At $24.99 they’re not a bad investment.

Blade Setter Pro for T-Outliner

Be on the look for our own video demonstration coming soon!