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Hue For Everyman: The Review

31 Oct

Product and Purpose

When I speak to people about pomades, the general consensus is that brands vary based on it’s designed purpose.   In other words, if you have 4 different brands,  they are usually formulated with particular hairstyles or hair-types in mind.  Despite the segmented nature of the hair care and skin market; Hue For Everyman is serving the needs of many,  with one premium pomade.

Up until now, no pomade brand has ever designed one product to serve the needs of Africans, Asians, Latins and Middle Easterns at the same time. Hue For Everyman is changing the hair market while addressing needs of many.

Hue’s formula of all natural ingredients, is as unique as it’s purpose. While most pomades are comprised of mostly artificial ingredients, Hue’s formula consist of all natural ingredients that protects the quality of hair.  No Silicones, No Parabens, and No Petroleum.  This formula is comprised of mango, shea butter, argon oil, and primrose oil all ingredients promote optimal hydration and conditioning.

Behind the Chair Review

The first thing you notice is obviously the packaging, as a premium product it definitely looks the part. Next, what you notice is the light yet noticable fragrance, it is sure to compliment any cologne you or client  may choose. This pomade itself is not thick or stiff, which isn’t the case with many pomades. This pomade can be effortlessly scooped up and be applied in the hair with a comb. When you comb or brush it through the hair, you’ll find that it applies evenly, quickly and easily without any heavy clumps. What makes it’s even better is that it washes off of your hands effortlessly.

@trav_thebarber using Hue For Everyman on a low taper combover @krazykutsbarbershop

@trav_thebarber using Hue For Everyman on a low taper combover @krazykutsbarbershop

@gangreen_barber51 using HUE while doing a combover fade

@gangreen_barber51 using HUE while doing a combover fade

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

Wavelength caesar done by @gangreen_barber51

After taking a few weeks to sample the product along with few customers and barbers, the feed back is definitely positive. So positive, that I almost got jacked for my own sample. That says something.  This isn’t a single purpose pomade, it is a conditioner that stand up to a long day of demands and even holds well in unrelenting Florida humidity.  This product can last for days in wave-length hair cut or comb-over hairstyles. It washes out easily and doesn’t strip the hair of moisture or nutrients.  ByBarbers4Barbers strong recommends this product..

For more info checkout

(323) 801-6846

Special thanks to my Krazy Kuts Family (Dblock and Travis) for assisting me with this review.


The barber’s photographer, Rob Hammer, wants to shoot 50 Barbershops from 50 States in the USA.

14 May

The barbershop is one of society’s most constant staples in the human experience. As a staple that transcends race, social-economic status, political views and lifestyles; the barbershop is the perfect setting to capture a unique story.

It’s true, a picture does tells a thousand words. The pictures that Rob Hammer takes tells the story of a dying league of barbers.  Barbers that had something to say,  a story to tell. The type of  barbers whose characters were defined and shaped by their life experiences, and not contrived by tweets or status updates.   These are the same barbers that cared more about serving the same communities, that we are removed from today.  Yes, a dying breed indeed.

To pay homage to this dying breed and inspire the new generation of barbers today, Rob Hammer is currently working on project and would like your help.  He has plans to go to each state in the U.S.  and shoot one barbershop in each state.  He wants to shoot shops that are pure, unique,  and enduring; old school shops with character and a story to tell. He then plans to create a book documenting his photos, stories and experiences in each state; to give insight to the barbers that we will soon loose forever. So, if you know of any shops that fit the mold and characteristics that Rob is looking for, please contact him with the links below. In the meantime,  check out his samples and website.

Photo Courtesy of


Around the web. Barbershop Short Films

19 May

These videos are the embodiment of every barbershop. It doesn’t matter the race, economic status, or social status; all shops serve the same purpose that’s depicted In this short film.

Being a barber comes with it’s privileges, blessing, opportunities and the occasional frustrations. In all, there’s nothing like it. It feels good to watch the kids grow, see boys grow into men, all while building with your peers.

These videos are among my favorites. Enjoy!

Source Barberstyle

Is the High-Top Fade, the new Mowhawk???

3 May

Is it just me, or are you seeing more High-Top Fades? I guess it goes hand in hand with the snap-backs and hipster looks. In the last few years I’ve done more mohawks then I can count, so it’s a welcomed change.


Colorado Rockies DEXTER FOWLER High Top Fade by Hugo Tandron


 While the mohawk is still a popular haircut, it’s a important to be one step ahead. Every good barbers knows how to stay relevant in their skill set. Being proactive rather than reactive, helps to keep you ahead of the curve. Pay attention and look out for the next big thing. You may have to do a high-top fade sooner than think.  Check out the photos and videos to use as reference points.  Remember, be unique, be original, and represent.

P DIDDY Getting a new High Top Fade haircut by Curtis Smith

P DIDDY Getting a new High Top Fade haircut by Curtis Smith

Kid Gumby Haircut by Adrian Escamillion

High Top Fade with Half-Moon Haircut done byJ Zane


High Top Fade with steps

Photo provide by

Represent: Barber Submitted Pics by K.G. Anderson

10 Apr

As promised! Here are the  pics that were submitted by K.G. Anderson.  He’s out of Cashville, Tn otherwise known as Nashville, Tennessee, if you don’t know.  He hit  us some of his work.  Thanks  for the pics K.G. Check our boy on twitter @KGA75

We like to give barbers a chance to shine, and display their talents.  If you like us to post your please e-mail us at or send a tweet @Barbers4Barbers.

Mohaw w/designs done by K.G. Anderson

Cears w/ Design and Color K.G. AndersonMowhawk W/ Clipper Design and Color Done By K.G. Anderson

Mohaw W/ Patriots Design and Color Done by K.G. AndersonMowhawk w/ design and color done by K.G. AndersonMowhawk W/ Clipper Design and Color Done By K.G. Anderson

Mowhawk W/ Clipper Design and Color Done By K.G. Anderson


Around The Web: Frank’s Chop & Dearly Departed Tee Shirt and Tee Callabo.

2 Mar

Frank’s Chop Shop has recently collaborated Dearly Deaparted,  to put out their “If you can’t take the heat, get the f*ck out the kitchen” Tee Shirts.  In addition to the Tees, they have a fitted callabo as well. Check out the links and pics below.


Frank’s Chop Shop

 Dearly Departed

Represent: Franks Chop Shop.

4 Feb

This post is for people who don’ t know about Franks Chop Shop.  Frank’s Chop is a cool barbershop in Manhattans Lower Eastside.  They also sell barber inspired “Frank Chop Shop” apparel.   Check out the pics and video, also hit the link for more info. 

Entertainment: Mankind Grooming Studio for Men. A Short Film.

3 Feb

Wow..I really enjoyed this short film on   Toronto’ sManKind Grooming Studio for Men. It’s takes a look into the lives of the owner/master barber and his staff.  The video really captures the diversity, passion, and individualism which is the embodiment of most barber shops.  In the daily hustle and bustle of the barbershop, sometimes we forget the small things.  This video reminds of the things we over look.  Enjoy.. 

Represent: Club 379

3 Feb

Club 379 is a barbershop that is located in the Boston area. This short commerical showcases this baber lounge, if you want to call it that. The refer to it as a barber spa.  This shop is just flat out fly. It’s on some real fresh ish.

Represent: Razor Sharp Cutz San Antonio, Texas

1 Feb

Me and the fellas came across this YouTube video and we were amazed!!!  I believe the majority of the designs we’re done by Joe The Barber.  That’s not to say the other cuts aren’t on point, because all of the cuts are superb.  Razor Sharp, from judging this video has staff of good barbers with complete skill sets.   Everyone has seen designs of course, but these designs are a  step up with full portraits,  shading, and 3D Designs.  While some barbers put most of their effort in the designs and not the rest of the cut, this barber makes it point to give you a cut that has  the fade and tape is on point! 

If you’re in the San Antonio, Texas area hit them up 

Razor Sharp Cutz

310 Valley Hi Dr # 102
San Antonio, TX 78227-4605
(210) 645-7104