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Andis Experience line. Have you heard of it? Should you know about it?

13 Jan

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love gadgets of  all types. Phones, cameras, computers, gps etc. I love them all. If it’s new, useful and functional I look into it. I research it. I look it up on youtube. I check out a product review or two.  So, when it comes to clippers there’s no excpetion.

One day, a mobile barber supply guy came to the shop to sell us supplies (they’re common in South Florida).  So  among the blades, neck strips, sprays, he also sells a wide array of clippers.  Among them I saw a black pair of  Andis T-Outliners. I’ve seen a black pair before, so I Didn’t think much of them at first. Then I noticed the Andis Experience logo..What I thought were just black T-Outliners were actually called, Andis GTX Clipper.

Andis GTX Taper. The improved version of the Andis T-Outliner

Then one day, under  similar circumstances, I came across the Andis Ceramic MGX Detachable Blade Clipper, another clipper from the Andis Experience line.

At that point, I realized that the Andis Experience lines may be worth mentioning.

The Andis Experience line are improved versions, of a few of Andis’s most popular professional clippers. For Instance, the Andis MLX Clipper, Andis GTX Tapers, Andis Ceramic MGX Detachable are improved versions of Andis Masters, Andis T-Outliners , and Andis Ceramic Advanced Detachable,  respectivly.

Andis Experience MLX Clipper, The improved version of the Andis MastersAndis Experience Ceramic MGX Detachable Blade Clipper. The improved version of the Ceramic Advanced Cipper

Ceramic Advanced Detachable Clipper.



Typically, the improvements are more powerful motors, new finishes, industrial strength/ high power 3-prong plugs, and updated styling.

As a result, Andis produced a line of clippers that professionals appreciate. I own all three of the clippers, and they are among my favorites. The feedback is positive among barbers that I know. The clippers are exactly what they should be, an upgrade to the well-known staples of the barbering world world.
Vote on the poll, and let me know if you’ve heard of them.. Leave your feedback.